You Might Have Asthma

Think you might have Asthma?

Many have asthma and do not know it. It is not necessary to have severe asthma attacks to need to be examined. If you think you might have asthma, read on to see what you should do about it.

Are you short of breath after very little activity? Are you windy after running? Coughing fits that last longer than a minute should be investigated. If any of these symptoms are yours, you should seek consultation with your doctor. The doctor will have the experience and the tools to determine the capacity of your lungs and their overall health. Remember that asthma can be dangerous and can progress rapidly at times, but seeking treatment can avoid future problems.

Even before you get in to see your doctor, there are things you can do to discover what might be triggering asthma-like symptoms. You can make some changes to your home to see what they do to relieve your symptoms. A clean dust free home can make a big difference. Bed sheets can be changed often, you can clean behind corners and dust frequently. In addition you can install an air cleaner that might be a huge factor in relieving your symptoms. An air cleaner can reduce the amount of pollutants, depending on the number of units and the efficiency of them. Also, you might consider closing your windows if you have left them open on a regular basis. Notice how each of the changes affects you, and if they help, relay the information to your doctor when you see him.

Should you be diagnosed with asthma, you will need to follow the instructions of your doctor. It may be hard to remember to take your medicine; so one approach is to set an alarm to get you into the routine of taking them every day at the same time. In severe cases you might be issued emergency inhalers, and in that case it would be advisable to keep two of them to make sure you have enough of the medicine when needed. A serious asthma condition can be life threatening, so treat it with respect.

If you are diagnosed with asthma, and you smoke, you will need to quit as soon as possible. Asthma symptoms will get worse if you continue to smoke, far more rapidly than otherwise. Quit smoking as soon as you can as a sign of respect for your overall health.

If you suffer from asthma, as you already know, the symptoms are not easy to deal with. Taking the right measures and seeking assistance from your physician, your symptoms can be kept under control and be easier to deal with.

You might have asthma

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