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What is Marriage?

What Is Marriage – Some Things Making This Bond Special

Ask a married couple what a marriage is and you will be surprised how different the answers can be to such a simple question. People recently married would give you a poetic and romantic definition while those who are married for a long time might be more philosophical about it. Only those who are happily married would describe it as a lifetime 50:50 partnership.

What Is Marriage?

Marriage is a social institution recognized by the law where a man and a woman decide to live together. The children born under this institution are recognized by law as legitimate.

Many argue that marriage is an unnecessary legalization of a relationship since love for one another does not grow or diminish because you have a marriage certificate in hand.

The legalization does protect the wife and the children in case there is any irresponsible behavior.

Marriage is indeed a partnership of heart and mind where you are supposed to share everything. In order to keep this partnership going a lot of effort is required. Efforts both physical and emotional.

It is not a one time investment from where you can reap your profits life long; rather it is like trading where the profits accumulate from every day's earnings.

The answer to the definition of marriage is different among different age groups. For teenagers who have pink shaded glasses marriage is an ideal destination where everything can be as you would want it.

For young people, marriage is a struggle to shape their future by juggling their career and their marital life; for older people marriage is a life time commitment where each person contributes all they can for the other persons betterment.

What Is Marriage To Someone Divorced?

When the marriage ends in divorce or separation - how does a divorcee look at marriage? After they go through a broken relationship? Most of the people who divorce are open to find another life partner.

They believe that mistakes can happen and compatibility is not always a logical consequence of good chemistry. Some people come out from divorce so bitter and disappointed that they would not want to consider getting into another relationship.

In most cases, divorcees are more circumspect about a second marriage but open for close emotional and physical relationships.

To sum up the answer to what constitutes marriage it very much depends upon the persons you ask and the circumstances that surrounded their marriage.

What is Marriage