Swedish Folksongs

To hear Dora Lindgren sing Swedish Folksongs, you will be exposed to the beauty of the Swedish language in songs that have stood the test of time. While supplies last we are offering two cassettes representing recording sessions in Sweden with Dora's brother Harry at the piano.

She was born in Falun in Dalarna in 1911, gradually worked her way to the capital Stockholm where she, according to her parents’ wishes, educated herself to become a teacher of handicrafts.

Her brother Harry’s music studies were approved because they would lead to a position of organist. But Dora did not give in.

She auditioned for the Music Academy’s course for solo singers - was accepted - and continued her studies at the Opera School. Her teachers were Julia Claussen, Ivon Delwig, John Forsell, Kurt Bendix and others.

In 1939 came her debut, Michaela in Carmen at the Stockholm Opera. She was later engaged at the Stora Teatern in Gothenburg, toured extensively with the “Riksteatern”, and sang in countless radio programs, churches and concert halls. She recounted with pride that during her entire career she had been “free lance”. Whether she sang operetta, folk songs or toured with Covent Garden‘s opera ensemble -- everything was done with the same finesse and attention to detail.

She lived in Chicago for 20 years, toured in the United States with a program celebrating Jenny Lind, and also found time to teach voice. When she returned to Sweden she kept up the contact with her large number of students and her circle of friends through extensive correspondence and frequent visits back to the U.S. “I have thrown my fortune in the Atlantic,” she used to say with a touch of her unique sense of humor.

Dora was a person of rare gifts, thankful for life in all of its changing conditions, grounded by a simple and uncomplicated faith in God. In her singing was mirrored the light touch that was her approach to life. Frank Hedman wrote in the liner notes to one of her later recordings (1982): “How is it possible that she today with ease can sing the highest notes and that she with “Eko-sangen” can dazzle so that both recording technicians and producers are impressed?” That was the question that we all - her friends and her audiences - kept asking.

Cassettes of Swedish Folksongs

The cassettes of Swedish Folksongs are collector's items and we are offering them while supplies last. The cassettes were produced by a friend in the U.S. while Dora was living in Stockholm. The masters were provided by Dora Lindgren.

These Swedish Folksongs had originally been intended for publication in Sweden, but the project never came to fruition because of changes in the company that had agreed to do it.

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