Successful Aging


Successful Aging: Taking Care of Yourself as You Age

Aging is one of the things that we cannot really avoid. No matter how much we try to stay young, our biological clock can not be stopped. The good news is that we can take some actions to slow the process and age gracefully.

Aging gracefully is something that most of us can achieve without so much trouble. The key here is to understand and accept the aging process as part of life and work towards making ourselves more comfortable with the idea.

What is Successful Aging?

It means a lot of things depending on your point of view. For some, it means that they will live comfortably during retirement and be able to do the things that they want to do without really being burdened with financial problems.

We all know that we may need to spend money on healthcare as we age and if we do not have enough retirement funds to see us through, we might not really get the care we deserve.

Seek out foods that will support your body, elevate your mood and give you a general sense of well being. You may have seen Dr. Perricone on the Oprah Show listing the top superfoods in the world - coming out on top was the Acai berry from the Amazon Rainforest. Not only is Acai powerfully nutritious, it tastes good too! Your local health food store may carry the organic Acai smoothies, and if not, the link below will take you to a source on the internet.

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Some people see it as growing old without losing their physical and mental faculties. We know that there will be some deterioration as we age - it is a question of degree.

If we have not been taking good care of our bodies, we might suffer some degenerative ailments unless we take steps to give our body the tools (meaning nutrition) that it needs.

On the other hand, some people look at successful aging as the ability to stay active and useful to society even when they are already well advanced in years.

For these people, being part of the society and being able to participate in normal everyday activities is very important.

Investing in Your Health

Whatever your definition of successful aging might be - the key here is to invest for the future. No, your investment does not necessarily have to be financial.

For instance, you can invest in your health and your family so that when you grow older, you will have fewer problems with your health. Investing in your health can save you on doctor bills in the future.

Note that an unhealthy lifestyle can cause a lot of trouble later. Inform yourself about what your body requires to maintain and replenish itself.

If you have been leading a stressful life, you may be vulnerable to hypertension when you grow older. On the other hand, if you have not really been watching your weight and you are tipping the scales way too much, you need to take action.

Being overweight is bad news. If you want to grow old and still be able to enjoy life, you would want to start exercising and trim that waist starting now. Eat the right foods - forget about fad diets - and it will go a long way towards taking care of the problem. It can not be overemphasized how important it is to educate yourself.

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