Stem Cell Nutrition

Stem Cell Nutrition

Your Body's Renewal System

by Christian Drapeau, MSc

To accomplish their role of tissue repair and renewal, stem cells go through five steps following an injury or need for renewal.

These steps are:

1. Release from the bone marrow
2. Trafficking or circulation specifically to the tissue in need
3. Migration of stem cells into the affected tissue
4. Proliferation of stem cells in the target tissue
5. Differentiation into cells of the tissue

Studies have shown that when stem cells reach a tissue, they naturally proliferate and become cells of the tissue into which they migrated.

Stem Cell Nutrition supports stem cell release

Therefore, the best way to promote the natural renewal role of stem cells in the body is to support stem cell release, trafficking and migration.

Of the five steps, the first – involving the release of circulating stem cells and the consequent increase in the number of circulating stem cells – has been shown to be one of the most critical factors for the process of natural renewal.

More stem cells released and circulating in the blood stream means that more stem cells are available to migrate into tissues and participate in the process of tissue repair.

One gram of patented StemEnhance®(2 capsules) was shown to increase the number of circulating stem cells by 25-30% within sixty minutes after consumption. This means that 3-4 million newly released stem cells are circulating in the bloodstream and are available to migrate into any tissue!

Once they are released, stem cells must be able to reach every single corner of the body in order to assist tissue repair and renewal. Stem cells are carried to various organs and tissues via the bloodstream, so optimal blood circulation is essential to ensure delivery of stem cells everywhere in the body. StemFLO® is a patented blend containing fibrinolytic enzymes that digest fibrin clusters, as well as antioxidant nutrition that helps prevent the formation of fibrin. StemFLO was shown to help the body reach optimal blood circulation, supporting delivery of stem cells to every corner of the body, ensuring that the process moves smoothly from Step 2 to Step 3. Now comes the next breakthrough in stem cell nutrition, MigraStem™, a patent-pending blend of specific ingredients aimed at supporting the migration of stem cells from the blood into tissues. MigraStem™ is made of a unique formula including a polysaccharide known as fucoidan that comes from the seaweed Undaria pinnitifida, and specific polysaccharides from goji berries and edible mushrooms, as well as colostrum. In a preliminary clinical trial, MigraStem increased the expression of a specific receptor on the surface of stem cells that plays a crucial role in the migration of stem cells from the blood into tissues.

In order to provide the migrating stem cells with all the nutrients they need to accomplish their work of tissue renewal, MigraStem™ is packaged in a nutrient-rich all natural product called ST-5, ST-5 is made of a unique, non-GMO soy coming from a pristine region at the foothills of the Himalayas. This soy is prepared according to a proprietary process that makes it a unique source of nutrients, and this source has long been associated with the health and longevity of the people living in that region.

ST-5 also contains pea protein and amaranth, a seed that is considered one of the best sources of protein, making ST-5 a complete source of all essential amino acids. ST-5 also contains maca for balanced energy and stamina, as well as digestive enzymes that unlock all the nutrients present in ST-5, and natural soluble fibers. This breakthrough product is 100% sweetened with pure evaporated cane juice and flavored with 100% pure vanilla.

Enjoy ST-5 with MigraStem™ every day and provide your body with nutrients, protein, enzymes, and other valuable ingredients. Now you can reach a whole new level of health and wellness by combining our newest breakthrough product ST-5 with StemEnhance and StemFLO for the ultimate in stem cell nutrition.

Stem Cell Nutrition


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