Stem Cell Enhancers Without the Controversy

Stem Cell Enhancers

Scientist and author Christian Drapeau explains how the Stem Cell enhancers function to maximize human performance: "Supporting the release of stem cells from the bone marrow and increasing the number of circulating stem cells improves various aspects of human health. For very active and sports focused people, Stem Cells are the raw materials to repair micro-tears and micro-injuries created during training."

The Discovery of StemEnhance

By Christian Drapeu, MSc

People new to STEMTech often ask how we discovered StemEnhance® and its effect on stem cells, and this is a story worth the retelling.

The development of StemEnhance follows the classical path of many scientific discoveries. It all started in the late 1970s when the cyanophyta Aphanizomenon flos-aquae, usually abbreviated as AFA, was discovered by a schoolteacher who was looking for a source of exceptional nutrition to improve the academic performance of children.

He began testing AFA, and as this natural blue-green algae plant was shared with a growing number of people, many began reporting testimonials and stories of how the consumption of this seemingly benign plant had transformed people’s health and life.

When the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) was passed in 1994, the Act required companies to do more to substantiate a scientific basis for any claim made about a dietary supplement.

I was hired to investigate the mechanisms of action behind the health benefits experienced by hundreds of thousands of consumers of AFA. The starting point for our research was to review the health benefits reported by consumers, with the intention of bringing the thousands of testimonials down to a list of body systems that might be affected by consuming AFA. In other words, we wanted to try to reduce all the reported benefits to just a few aspects of human physiology, and then design scientific protocols to study the effect of AFA on these physiological processes. When our review was completed, the evidence on AFA’s effects pointed to benefits for the body’s inflammatory function, as well as for the nervous and immune systems.

Over the course of the next five years, through numerous studies, we did identify three compounds produced by AFA that specifically affect these aspects of human health. Specifically, we described in AFA the presence of phycocyanin, a compound well known for its positive effect on the inflammatory function. We also discovered that AFA was an exceptional source of the biogenic amine, Phenylethylamine (PEA), a compound well known for its effect on mood, mental clarity and the sense of mental energy. Finally, we discovered a polysaccharide that supports various aspects of the immune function.

But while we were identifying these compounds in AFA and their effects on health were being described in various studies, a small number of people were also reporting benefits that could not be explained by the presence of these compounds. The most challenging part of this whole scientific venture was actually the wide variety of the reported benefits. People were reporting benefits touching virtually every system of the body! How could one single plant affect so many aspects of human health? This mystery persisted for a number of years. Then one day a colleague gave me an article entitled “Turning Blood into Brain” (published in Science Daily, December, 2000). This article discussed how stem cells originated from the bone marrow could naturally migrate to the brain and become brain cells. Soon after, other scientific articles were published describing the ability of bone marrow stem cells to become heart cells and liver cells. We then began thinking that if stem cells can become cells of the brain, liver and heart, then why not other types of cells? And more importantly, if this process was truly taking place in the body, then it had to be with a purpose: it had to be the natural renewal system of the body. We were especially interested in this renewal concept because it occurred to us that if a substance were to support stem cell function in the body, then a wide variety of health benefits would be seen, because stem cells travel to different tissues in different people. Maybe we were onto something!

So our goal for this new research was to answer two questions:

1. What if stem cells constituted the natural renewal system of the body?

2. What if AFA supported the release of stem cells from the bone marrow? Our in-depth review of the scientific literature published over the past few years clearly revealed that, indeed, bone marrow stem cells constitute the natural renewal system of the body. Then we went into the lab and studied the effect of AFA on stem cells and were able to show that AFA supports the release of stem cells from the bone marrow. The problem was that a person would have to take large quantities of AFA in order to get a noticeable effect. Since ingesting huge quantities of AFA was simply impractical, we worked to develop a 5:1 concentrate of AFA that would, therefore, concentrate the compound responsible for the effect of AFA on stem cells. This concentrate came out of the laboratory, received a patent, and was introduced to the marketplace as StemEnhance® in 2005. Scientific studies since 2005 have confirmed that StemEnhance® supports the natural renewal system of the body by increasing the number and activity of circulating stem cells.

So there you have it. From a schoolteacher’s innovative approach to improving student performance, though many years of laboratory experiments and scientific studies, to the development of a brand-new approach to wellness… the development of StemEnhance is a classic story of scientific discovery!

Stem Cell Enhancers