Stem Cell Enhancer

Stem Cell Enhancer

The world's first!

Prompted by the knowledge that certain freshwater plants are a nutritionally dense food source, a school teacher began experimenting with a green botanical growing so quickly in a nearby lake that it made the water look like pea soup.

But as he shared this exceptional food, the health benefits people experienced were far superior to those of pea soup. They were beyond what anyone had ever expected.

The curious botanical was identified as Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA for short), though the driving force behind AFA's amazing wide array of reported benefits remained a mystery for three more decades.

Nature meets science

In the mid-1990s, botanical researcher Christian Drapeu – a neurophysiologist by training – came on the scene.

Intrigued by the promise AFA held for the world, Christian and his associates conducted years of intense research.

Despite isolating several nutritional components, the amazingly diverse range of AFA's benefits still could not be explained.

Until one day, when a momentous breakthrough was made – one destined to literally change the world.

Cracking the Stem Cell Code

Stem Cell Enhancer


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