Sports Nutrition Breakthrough

Sports Nutrition

Your performance is limited by your body’s ability to renew, rebuild and rejuvenate itself.

Here’s how StemSPORT™ can help you get the edge...

* Renew and recover faster* by naturally increasing your circulating stem cell count

* Improve your mental clarity

* Reap the many benefits that come from aiding your body’s ability to transport vital nutrients, oxygen and stem cells to your muscles, tissues and organs.

Supporting the release of stem cells from the bone marrow and increasing the number of circulating stem cells improves various aspects of human health...

How StemSPORT works

Activity and exercise naturally damage the muscle fibers (cells).

Recent scientific developments have revealed that stem cells released from the bone marrow are at the core of the body's renewal process, traveling throughout the body to support organs and tissues in need.

Having more stem cells in the blood stream allows you to repair, rebuild, and recover faster so you can return to activity and athletic participation more fully and more quickly.

Your ultimate fuel for renewal!

"By supporting the repair of micro-tears and micro-injuries created during training, one can exercise more intensely at each subsequent training session, and consequently over time reach greater performance."
- Christian Drapeau

Whether you are a pro-athlete or a casual fitness enthusiast, this important performance breakthrough will transform your fitness experience!

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