SBI or Wordpress

Solo Build It or Wordpress?

WordPress is the best way to blog. But it does not build online businesses.

Solo Build It! does.

That, in a single line, is the difference between WordPress and Solo Build It!.

"Solo Build It! out-of-the-box" is all you need to build an e-business. There is nothing else to add.

"WordPress out-of-the-box" cannot build a web-based business. You need more than that. You need...

* well-organized "how to" info (video, written, mobile) that covers all of online business-building

* the right plug-ins and other software, all built-in (thousands of dollars to equal Solo Build It!'s set of tools)

* real Support by the company & business-building help by 1 community where members have no ulterior motives, no vested interests other than your success

* constant updating/upgrading of every piece of information, every tool, as the web changes.

You need all of that, all in one place. But WordPress delivers none of it, nothing about business.

It is, of course, possible to succeed with WordPress. But you'll need help from many third party sources.

Apples to apples, WordPress is the way to blog, but Solo Build It! is the way to build an online business.

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