Retirement Planning

Retirement planning with a difference

Whether your retirement is near or far off - if you are lucky, maybe once in your lifetime a day will come when you will have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a money making opportunity that can virtually GUARANTEE your success!

Today is that day!

In 1996 a very successful wealthy friend of mine launched a multi-level marketing program. This man is a TV celebrity, and a number 1 New York Times bestselling author.

His books have sold an estimated 50 million copies.

When he launched this new MLM program in 1996, the company was publicly traded on NASDAQ with a stock price of just .50 cents.

In less than 18 months over 200,000 joined this company. Sales exceeded $250,000,000! And the stock went to $35!!!

Many people that got in at the beginning made millions. Don�t you wish YOU had gotten in back then at the very beginning?

Well my friend sold his equity in 1999 and made yet another fortune. Now, my friend is doing it AGAIN!

This time with over 30 other wealthy people from around the world! Together they have launched a BRAND NEW program -- the Global Information Network.

For the first time in history, a money making program is being launched WORLDWIDE SIMULTANEOUSLY!

This is totally ground floor. This is totally new. You are among the VERY FIRST people to be hearing about this. Those who get in on the ground floor of these types of opportunities have the chance to make the most money.

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Retirement Planning


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