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Tips And Tricks For A Pet Photographer

Photographing pets you certainly have your work cut out for you. Basically, one defines pets as animals which have been domesticated enough to be able to live with man as companions.

Not all animals are suitable pets but this does not stop people from buying and acquiring these kinds of animals. You may be confronted with unusual situations when the pet turns out to be of the "exotic" variety.

Not all such photographers are professionals. Some are just hobbyists who like to take pictures of their pets. These people are most likely to have the average point and shoot digital cameras compared to the professionals who have the more expensive kinds of cameras.

For those who are just starting to appreciate just how beautiful a pet can be here are some tips for taking pictures of them and be better at capturing the best about a pet.

Natural Light And Surroundings

A photographer would get more action from his pets if they are not self conscious or wary about the area they are in. Bringing the pet or pets to an unfamiliar place may take them several minutes to relax and do their familiar antics. In the meantime, it is also best to avoid too many pets in case there is a disagreement.

Pet owners should be present during the photo session to be able to handle and control the pets for the photographer.

The use of natural light is always best. This is because the fur on most pets tends to look better with natural light. The natural light can also bring out the different hues or shades of the animal's fur in the photograph.

Be Casual And Comfortable

Pets are often aware of the emotions of their owners. Therefore, pet owners who want to try taking pet photographs should opt for a slow but sure photo session instead of forcing the pet into positions or poses.

The more excited or agitated the owner gets, the pet will reflect it. When deciding to take pictures, it is best to go about in your pet's natural home or area.

Experiment With Your Camera And Poses

One thing that many experts recommend for pet photographers is to use macro lenses when taking portrait shot of your pet. These will bring out the grains and individual strand of hair in your portrait making it more expressive and clear. You might also like to try out the different features of your camera to be able to fully utilize it.

You must always be patient enough to see when the pet has had enough and when it is no longer interested in posing for you.

Pet Photographer

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