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Outdoor Wood Furniture - Some Good Choices

Wood furniture is a great choice for your garden, patio or yard. There are many different species of wood to choose from.

The more traditional choices are hardwood instead of the softwood. The reason is that most of the hardwood species require little maintenance.

Kiln drying is one of the necessities for outdoor wood furniture. Air-drying or sun drying may not be as thorough as kiln drying. The wood may warp or crack.

Many Woods To Choose From

Teak is one of the best choices. This wood has a natural capacity to repel water and insects. It is also highly resistant to decay, swelling and warping. These are among the reasons teak is one of the best choices for outdoor furniture.

Teak has a beautiful, golden color that may lighten to silver or grey as it ages. If you wish to maintain the rich, natural color of your teak wood, you may want to cover it up for less exposure to the sun and rain.

Mahogany is another hardwood that is great for the outdoors. The wood comes in rich red hues and is very fine grained. There are several different species of mahogany suitable for outdoor furniture. The three species include Philippine mahogany, Honduran mahogany and African mahogany. Keep in mind that Mahogany is prone to some warping and splitting when it is not kiln dried properly. It is also not as resistant to wetting as teak so you may need some covering up when it rains.

Exposure to rain and then the sun may result in splitting and cracking.

Cedar is another great type of wood for outdoor furniture. It is highly resistant to insects and weather damage. All the same, rain and sun exposure is something that you need to be aware of. Cover up your outdoor furniture when not in use to maintain the rich color that is characteristic of cedar.

Outdoor furniture should be chosen with care if you do not have the time to cover up the furniture when it rains or when the sun is too strong.

Depending on the type of wood, your outdoor furniture can be painted to fit in with your garden or patio theme, although painting defeats the purpose of getting the rich colored hardwoods.

Outdoor Wood Furniture

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