Outdoor Furniture Cushions

Beautiful Outdoor Furniture Cushions

After you have selected a beautiful set of furniture to grace your outdoor space this summer - all that's left is to choose the perfect set of cushions.

This may be easier said than done, when you discover the huge variety of styles, colors and fabrics that you have to choose from. Once you have purchased those cushions and placed them in their appropriate location, how will you care for them? Consider the tips for selecting and caring for outdoor furniture cushions presented right here.

Choosing your Material

Before you begin examining the huge array of colors and patterns available in furniture cushions, study the types of materials that will hold up best to the elements.

You want the cushions to keep their shape and color through wind, rain and sunshine. Regular cotton fabrics and urethane foam will not cut it here. You need to select the toughest fabrics and the waterproof fillings that will resist mold and mildew and look great all season long.

First, look for outer fabrics like vinyl or polyacrylics that will look and feel like fabric but will hold up much better in any kind of weather. Sunbrella is another fabric that is designed for outdoor use, and will look great on cushions of all shapes and sizes. Interior filling should be waterproof, and there should be ways for water to drain out the bottom of the cushions.

Make sure that the cushions are stitched with polyester thread, instead of cotton for additional durability.

Caring for your Cushions

Once you have chosen the perfect cushions, you want them to last as long as possible. Proper care will be key to a longer life for your cushions, so follow directions to keep them looking their best.

Never sit on cushions when you are wearing suntan lotion. The lotion can get into the fabric and when the sun hits, it can create a stain. To dry your outdoor furniture cushions more quickly after a rainstorm, turn them on their sides and leave them in a sunny spot for a while.

Anything left outside for long periods of time will get dirty and your furniture cushions are no exception. You can clean most cushions with a mild detergent and water as long as you rinse thoroughly.

Always check the manufacturer's instructions on the item to be sure of the best care procedures. It is also important to store your furniture cushions inside during the winter months.

Make sure they are completely dry before storing and avoid wrapping them in plastic. Plastic does not allow for ventilation. With proper selection and care, your furniture cushions should bring you many seasons of good use and enjoyment.

Outdoor Furniture Cushions

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