Outdoor Furniture Covers

Outdoor Furniture Covers - Why They Are Needed

Most people enjoy lounging around in their garden or patio, sitting in their outdoor furniture. Some even entertain in their garden or patio.

Maintaining the appearance of your outdoor furniture is necessary if you have guests over or use the furniture regularly. The covers are not a luxury, they are a necessity.

Uses For Outdoor Furniture Covers

They protect your furniture. This is their only function and what an important function it is! There are a lot of things that these furniture covers protect your furniture from.

Exposure to the sun can fade most colors, even natural colors. The covers are thick enough that they can shield your outdoor furniture from the intense rays of the sun. Natural wood colors as well as most plastic colors fade when constantly exposed to the strong rays if the sun.

Paint can peel off and wear off due to such exposure. Dust can also accumulate on your outdoor furniture and may embed on it making hard to remove marks.

Rain and snow can take their toll on outdoor furniture. This is why the furniture covers are needed when the rain pours down or the snow starts to fall.

In many cases of snowfall, outdoor furniture is kept under the patio awning or in the garage until they can be used outside again.

Furniture covers do a good job of protecting furniture from the rain. The effects of rain on wooden furniture can be leaching of wood stains as well as cracking and splitting and over time the furniture can be waterlogged. Natural colors will eventually fade due to constant rain exposure.

Another use for the covers is to protect from animal droppings and damage. Some animals like birds and lizards may find the outdoor furniture a great place to perch.

These animals have no consideration about where to do their business so it is best to use covers when the furniture is not in use.

The covers help maintain the cleanliness of your outdoor furniture as well as their appearance.

These covers are convenient to use, you usually just throw them on and leave them until the weather improves or until the rain stops. Leaving the covers on for more than a few days can encourage mold and mildew growth so it is best to use the covers only when necessary - and make sure they are aired out at regular intervals.

Outdoor Furniture Covers

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