Organic Hair Care


Organic hair care

Pure natural organic wholesome ingredients is what you want to look for.

Pure Earth Hair Wash doesn't contain any fixed oils, synthetic plastic (PVP) or protein polymers (soy, wheat, oat protein) coating or shine agents to make damaged hair look and feel undamaged.

We don't recommend a natural or organic Hair Wash to people who chemically treat (color, bleach, perm or straighten).

Coloring your hair is important and a major cut is as well. For those services stick to a stylist that you know and trust.

Colorants that use harsh chemicals are also beginning to feel the bite in developed markets, declining every year between 2001–2005 and achieving only a marginal recovery in 2006.

Consumers are proving increasingly willing to trade up to commodity products such as shampoos, conditioners and styling products sold under the natural or organic banner.

Conditioners generally involve coating your hair with certain synthetic chemical waxes or related substances . This is what give you a false sense of having healthier, shiny hair.

All you are doing is coating your hair with more chemicals, that in the short-term give the false impression that because your hair is shiny it must be 'healthy’!

Condition, protect and nourish the hair while styling! Panthenol provides long lasting moisturisation, imparts lustre and conditions the hair.

Natural usually means that the products contain no synthetic chemicals. Also, the plants that the products come from likely are not treated with insecticides and harmful chemicals.

Organic Hair Care

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