Nutritious Food - Nature's perfect food


Nutritious Food - In fact it is nature's perfectt food

Blue Green Algae is not a drug or even a supplement. It is a highly nutritious food that, when added to our body, gives us the amino acids, trace minerals and vitamins that our body requires to function well.

The Importance of Organic Minerals

When we improve our nourishment by eating quality food packed with the full spectrum of trace minerals, the body has a chance to be as healthy and energized as it is designed to be. According to Dr. Charles Northern, MD, "In the absence of minerals, vitamins have no function. Lacking vitamins, the system can make use of minerals, but lacking minerals, vitamins are useless."

Green Algae contains almost every organic mineral in trace amounts, which is what the body needs to function well. Trace minerals can literally mean the difference between buoyant good health and serious disease. They are absolutely vital to our health and well being.

Nutritious Food - The Importance of Proteins and Amino Acids

Proteins are made up of amino acids, which are the building blocks of the body. Proteins comprise 90% of the hemoglobin and form the backbone of the body's immune system. The Algae contain more protein than any other organism (plant or animal). There are 22 amino acids; 8 of these are essential and must be obtained from our foods. Without proper quantities of all the amino acids, health cannot be maintained.

When improper amounts of amino acids are consumed, the less important body tissues are "cannibalized", causing premature aging and possible severe deficiencies, such as lack of motivation, loss of memory, low mental alertness, poor intellectual performance and depression.

Nutritious Food - The Complete Protein Food

Blue Green Algae contains all 8 of the essential amino acids and is therefore called a "complete protein food". What is truly unique about the algae is that its amino acid profile is almost identical to that found in our own body, making Blue Green Algae one of nature's perfect foods.

The Importance of Vitamins

Vitamins are compounds necessary in small amounts in the diet for normal growth and maintenance of life. They do not provide energy, nor do they construct or build any part of the body. They are needed for transforming food into energy. Blue Green Algae contains a complete balance of vitamins, except for "D" and "E". If you spend a brief amount of your time in the sun, no other source of vitamin "D" is needed, since it is formed in the skin by ultra violet rays. Eating high chlorophyll foods, of which Blue Green Algae is, helps produce vitamin "E" in the body.

The Importance of Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll is also a very important part of algae. Its molecular structure is almost the same as that of the hemoglobin, which is responsible for carrying oxygen throughout the body. Oxygen is the prime nutrient, and chlorophyll is the central molecule for increasing the oxygen available to your system. Chlorophyll is vital for the body's rapid assimilation of amino acids. Blue Green Algae is the highest known source of chlorophyll.

The Importance of Beta Carotene

The body uses beta carotene to produce its own vitamin "A". Because the body converts beta carotene into vitamin "A" only as needed, there is no threat of toxic build-up. Blue Green Algae is the highest known source of beta carotene.

The Bottom Line

Blue Green Algae grows in a fresh water lake, which is located in beautiful southern Oregon. It is far away from any large cities that might pollute the air and water, and it is also entirely surrounded by the Cascade Mountains. Nature has put together the perfect conditions to grow this miraculous food. Its nutritive value is higher than that of any other food on this planet.

The algae is freeze dried to retain 97% of its nutritional value. Of course you have to try Blue Green Algae for yourself. You may feel better and more alive than you've ever felt before.

Nutritious Food

It's true - you are what you eat. So why not eat the most natural, organically grown, nutrient-rich food anywhere in the world. Our physical health is the foundation upon which we build the rest of our lives, and is the greatest gift that we can give our family and friends.


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Nutritious Food - Green Super Foods

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