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This webmaster can speak from personal experience. When assisting someone to send a small amount of moneyto his relatives in Brazil, he found that the usual International Money Order sent to his relatives was not so easy for them to cash. It became necessary to find an alternative. And what a discovery iKobo was!


when you think of iKobo, Inc., think of access to transfering money and financial services that make it easy for you. iKobo, Inc., is a global online financial services company providing the best in easy, fast, secure services to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

With 24-hour availability and more than 20+ million access points, including ATM and retail POS terminals in over 170 countries, iKobo provides the fastest, most flexible and efficient global electronic money transfer and payment network to a worldwide customer base.

Utilizing a combination of proprietary, secure encrypted communications, iKobo's GIFTS electronic payment platform and its i–Kard, a prepaid, reloadable debit card, iKobo saves senders and recipients time, cost, and effort, all in real time.

How Does It Work?

Three Easy Steps to Send and Receive Money...

1. Sign up FREE at (click on link below).

2. Send money using your credit/debit card. iKobo sends the person receiving the money an i-Kard (ATM card).

3. The person receiving the money takes the i-Kard to any Visa Plus ATM to withdraw cash. iKobo sends the person receiving the money an i-Kard (ATM card). The i-Kard is re-usable. Once the person has an i-Kard, they can receive money from anyone, anywhere in the world - in less than 30 seconds

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