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The initiators of the Global Information Network include some of the wealthiest, powerful, and successful people in the world including a former prime minister, a current king and crown prince, members of various royal families, a former president of a major country, generals, billionaires, tycoons, industrialists, politicians, a current supreme court member, major media moguls, and several celebrities you would know by name.

If you decide to join this Network and are accepted as member, you will gain the same advantages that the privileged elite have enjoyed exclusively for centuries.

You gain access to information and secrets on how to use the law of attraction and more advanced techniques to create the life you want and manifest all your desires.

You gain access to other prominent affluent successful members from around the world. As members make a pledge to help other members first, this is a huge advantage.

Having powerful, influential connections, who you know, is a key element in success.

You will gain access to, and be able to be trained and mentored by, successful powerful people from around the world.

This is an advantage you would never have without membership. You simply cannot get this anywhere else.

Members pledge to help other members first. Business deals could be done between members first before the general public even knows about them.

Ground floor opportunities, investment opportunities, the ability to raise money, get credit or financing, and raise investment capital for your business ideas, are all benefits you could enjoy.

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