Mangosteen Benefits


Mangosteen Benefits

Who could refuse the "Queen of All Fruits?"

In addition to being one of the best tasting fruits in the world, mangosteen has superior nutritional and antioxidant properties capable of producing a wide range of benefits; benefits that enhance many of the body's health-promoting capabilities.*

Mangosteen is a rare, tangerine-sized fruit, whose growth is limited primarily to tropical Southeast Asia, has strict growing conditions, and has only recently been made available in North America.

Mangosteen is thought to have been traditionally used by natural health providers for thousands of years. In India, for example, traditional ayurvedic doctors used the rind of mangosteen to support a healthy digestive system.*

Modern day science has recently begun to appreciate the incredible, nutrient-rich value of mangosteen and its wide-reaching, health-promoting properties.

We now know, for example, that mangosteen contains a number of vitamins and minerals in trace amounts. Mangosteen also contains the following compounds: polysaccharides, quinones, stilbenes and xanthones. This combination of plant compounds is unique.

The group of mangosteen compounds that have been studied the most is xanthones.

This particular class of plant nutrients are highly, biologically active and are unique because they possess very potent antioxidant properties.

Of all the known sources for xanthones, the mangosteen fruit supplies some of the highest amounts found in all of nature. There are over 40 different types of xanthone compounds identified in mangosteen, but one of the most researched is "beta mangostin."

Preliminary research shows that beta mangostin and possibly some of the other xanthones in mangosteen have very potent life-supporting properties.

Mangosteen Benefits

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