Luangwa Secrets Revealed

Luangwa Secrets Revealed

"There is no game in the green season........"

This is a phrase we often hear quoted about the Luangwa in the green season. It simply is not true and we spend a lot of time and effort trying to dispel this myth.

These images taken by our friend Will Burrard-Lucas over 5 days this February on foot, by vehicle, by boat and from his fiendishly clever "Beetle-cam" describe the glories of the green season far more eloquently than I ever could - so let them speak for themselves.

And it's not ALL about birds - although this is perhaps one of the best times of the year for ornithologists..... scroll down for the leopards. Is there such a thing as "too many leopards"?!

Potential guests worry that it rains all the time in the green season but in reality, game viewing activities are rarely interrupted and the small chance of getting wet is more than made up for by the incredible beauty of the bush at this lush time of year.

We are in the tropics so the usual weather pattern during 'the rains' is a few days with no rain at all, a gradual build up of thunderheads, a spectacular tropical downpour from time to time lasting an hour or so - then back to hot sun and blue skies!

Very rarely do we experience long spells of rain and we can almost always make any lost gameviewing time.

A lot of our guests make an extra trip at this time of year - the fares are cheaper, the rates are great value and with a return guest reduction on Rivers & Rainbows it's a wonderful time to head South away from cold Northern climes.

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Luangwa Secrets Revealed

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