Landscape Design


The Art of Landscaping and Landscape Design

Landscaping is the arrangement of an area which is aesthetically pleasant to the eye. There are different forms of landscaping, and many of these are not classified into anything but just the preferences of the person doing the work. There are two loose forms of landscaping that many people might follow today: Formal and Informal.

Formal Landscape Design

In the formal form of arranging a garden or any area, one can see order if the landscape has been arranged according to a specific plan.

The plants and flowers chosen are usually chosen with care to complement each other and to bring out the features of the landscape that they are planted to emphasize.

Formal landscaping usually has low hedges or low walls to separate flower beds in an orderly fashion. Some formal garden designs are patterns that are geometric in shape. The essence of formal landscaping is to have an order that is attractive and logical.

Water structures as well as stone or wooden structures are often found in formal landscaping designs. Stone is a common medium used in formal gardens since they add a natural elegance. Most formally landscaped areas are larger since the beauty and order of the formal garden needs to be seen in a wide expanse.

Informal Landscaping

The art of informal landscaping is actually not as easy as you might think. Although, informal landscaping features a jumble of plants and landscape structures, there is a certain order in the jumble. Many professional landscape designers also have to consider the area and the preferences of the homeowner when making and informal garden design. Informal landscaping is more like letting the garden run its natural course with some guidance. By culturing the plants in a natural way, without any large scale pruning or trimming, you the gardener actually lets the garden have some semblance of disorder which is natural in nature.

Landscaping can be a very interesting project for those who wish to do it themselves. The actual process of planning the area to be landscaped as well as making the design which you will base on the basic lay of the land is a worthy project that a homeowner can tackle. Not only will you have fun planning your garden or your yard but you will also enjoy maintaining your garden after the entire landscaping project has been finished.

Landscape Design