Indoor Herb Garden


Creating an Indoor Herb Garden

If you love cooking you will know how enjoyable it is to create different variations of dishes that you cook regularly. Even changing a few minor ingredients can make a big difference to the final dish, so it’s worth experimenting every time you go into the kitchen to cook a meal.

One of the nicest ways to add an extra something to your cooking is by using herbs and spices, and luckily it is very simple to create an indoor garden to make sure everything you use is as fresh as it possibly could be.

How do You Begin?

Think about where you could put your indoor herb garden to begin with. Most people put one on their kitchen windowsill as this usually promotes the most growth, but any position with a lot of sun will get great results.

You can buy the components which are ready made and easy to use, but it’s just as easy to create your own if you start with the right container. All you need to do is fill it with compost and a mixture of herbs that you like, and water it regularly.

You have two choices when it comes to a container – you can either use one long trough style container, which means your herbs may start to mix in with each other, or a number of separate pots which all stand on a long oblong shaped saucer. Either version looks great when you are creating your own.

The Benefits of Having an Indoor Herb Garden

There are plenty of benefits – not least the fact that you can harvest your herbs as soon as they are growing vigorously. This gives you herbs that are at their freshest, which are ideal for cooking and much better than anything you could buy anywhere else.

Such an indoor garden also makes a great addition to any windowsill, and can be a little more unusual than using a plant or flowers to decorate your kitchen. If you really start to enjoy using them, you could even consider starting to dry some herbs to see whether you get better or different results in your cooking from using that method.

Lots of people find that this approach is the easiest and most rewarding way to grow herbs at their home. An outdoor one works well, but you won’t want to go outside to fetch some if the weather is bad!

Indoor Herb Garden