What Is Human Growth Hormone or HGH?


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HGH is manufactured by the pituitary gland, which is located underneath the center of the brain. Through a complex control process the pituitary gland, working in conjunction with the hypothalamus, decides when, and how much to release into the body's operating system. Science has known for years that as a body ages, the amount of HGH released into the system is progressively diminished.

At that time, the prevailing thinking was that the only function of HGH was to make a young body grow into an adult and when the growth cycle was complete HGH would have no further use. It has only been in the last twenty or thirty years that medical science discovered that proper use of HGH could slow, and in some cases reverse, some of the parameters of the aging process. Then the dash was on to figure out how to get more HGH into the system.

It was scientists and physicians that found the solution. They discovered a combination of amino acids that assisted the pituitary into releasing the exact amount of HGH that the body needed to optimize levels safely and they patented the process. If the science had not been there and the results proven, the patent would never have been issued.

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