How to trim bonsai trees


How to Trim Bonsai Trees: Taking Care Of Your Tools

When learning how to prune a Bonsai tree, it is always important to note that this is one of the most important steps in the Bonsai art form. The Bonsai tradition has been well established in Japan for centuries.

The art of Bonsai is one where a tree, shrub or bush is miniaturized, and shaped in a pot. This can be accomplished by using dwarf plants or regular size plants, either way the plant is shaped and the roots are maintained in order to keep it very small.

The unique designs created by pruning Bonsai tree or other plants are what makes this a special hobby. The plants are shaped using pruning techniques and wire to make for beautiful flowing plants.

How to trim bonsai trees is the basic step in the process, making sure the tools are in good condition is important.

How to trim a bonsai: Looking At Tools

The process of pruning Bonsai tree is one that can be very relaxing and enjoyable. Being able to shape and control the growth of a plant is a hobby that is both creative and fulfilling. When pruning bonsai tree, there are certain tools that are used in the process.

The Bonsai shears are important when pruning Bonsai trees, the shears are small enough to work with the miniature plants but have a large enough handle to hold onto. Some people even use tweezers when pruning a Bonsai tree. A Bonsai rake is often used and has a variety of purposes along with Bonsai tweezers that can be used to nip off unwanted leaves.

There are small shovels that are used in the process of Bonsai. All of these tools are important to the development of the plant and need to be taken care of. Some Bonsai enthusiasts use a tool wrap in order to keep their tools clean and sharp. Dull tools can damage a plant, so always remember to sharpen tools.

When dealing with a diseased plant, keep in mind that if one plant has a disease it could be spread to others so be sure to sterilize any tools that are used when working on a plant with a disease.

Tools for Bonsai plants can be found on-line or in specialty garden stores. Since this is a hobby that requires specific tools, a store that caters to that group needs to be located. On-line stores carry the tools that are needed and these can be found with a simple search.

The art of Bonsai is a rewarding hobby and does have a loyal following.

How to trim bonsai