History of Fly Fishing


A Brief History Of Fly Fishing

This form of fishing has been a time honored tradition in the world for more than five hundred years. The documented history goes back to Claudius Aelianus of Rome, who supposedly taught the use of fishing with an artificial fly to ancient Macedonians. And as far back as 1450 in Britain, where English lords used angling as both a means of food and sport.

Although fly fishing is generally associated with catching such species as trout and salmon, there are a great many varieties of fish that you can catch with the hand-tied flies, heavy line, and open face reels that make up the equipment necessary for fly fishing. If you are unfamiliar with this wonderful past-time, take a look at the article below for a brief history; as well as tips on how you can get started in this sport yourself.

The Most Ancient Form Of Angling

In the history of fishing, it has been recorded that ancient Roman Claudius Aelianus taught the ancient Macedonians how to create their own artificial flies, to make angling for the local fish much easier than it was with the nets they were using.

There is some speculation as to whether he was actually the first fly fisherman, as there have been some reports as to another Roman, some two hundred years earlier, making mention of catching fish with artificial flies.

The history as we now know it, began as a tradition on the shores of Britain, where English lords began forming flu fishing clubs and elitist groups dedicated to the sport.

It is because of this rich history of fly fishing that the sport has been long attributed to those of upper classes, and to only the most discerning angler.

One of the most important parts of the history, aside from the vital art of fly tying, is the manufacturing and use of the special poles associated with the sport. Fly fishing rods are typically six feet or longer in length, and are traditionally thicker and heavier than other fishing poles. This is due to the fact that the fish caught in fly fishing are generally much heavier than other pond or lake fish. This is also the reason fly fishing line is so much heavier than regular fishing line.

The history of fly fishing shows that this time-honored sport is one rich with tradition and time tested perfection. Try your hand at fly fishing today!

History of Fly Fishing