The History of Aromatherapy


The History of Aromatherapy

People of many cultures have used aromatherapy for various purposes. Some used aromatherapy in their rituals to access health and prosperity for their people while others used them for making their environment smell more attractive.

Ancient civilizations have left records of religious leaders that used aromatherapy - leaders held in high esteem.

Aromatherapy products were used by religions for healing problems that regularly occurred among their people.

It may also have been used to conceal the natural aroma of things like burning sacrifices.

History of Aromatherapy

In historical records, the sacrifices were often sprinkled with something to make a pleasant scent and make sure that the offering was acceptable to the deity.

The good that would come from making the sacrifice could only come to pass if the sacrifice was considered acceptable.

How Are Aromatherapy Products Created?

Today, the numerous types of aromatherapy products are used for some of the same reasons that ancient societies did. The products are generally used to provide pleasing scents and to provide a relaxing atmosphere helping to heal the body and soothe the soul.

Some aromatherapy items are meant to be applied to the body while others are diffused into the air. Aromatherapy candles can be lighted to create a particular scent for a room by allowing the scented smoke to be carried on the air.

The ingredients that are used to create aromatherapy would not be difficult to find. Most ingredients are natural and easily found in nature.

The most common ingredients are varieties of flowers, leaves, herbs, barks, fruits, or seeds. There are also some minerals commonly used in the products providing a particular scent.

Each of the ingredients can be combined in infinite variety - creating scents that are unique and enjoyable.

In our day, aromatherapy products have become less of an exotic or unusual item and more of a general one. The products can be found in retail stores all over the world. The choices can be by scent, by benefit, or by price.

There are literally thousands of aromatherapy products available and there is no doubt you can find the right one. It is just a question of how how much time and engergy you are prepared to devote to the search.

The History of Aromatherapy