High Blood Pressure Symptoms

High Blood Pressure Symptoms

Taking Control of Your Blood Pressure

Do you have problems controlling your blood pressure? Is it like a roller coaster ride? You do not have to worry any more. In this article you will find out how to take control of your blood pressure and have the healthy lifestyle you want.

As you may know there are many things that can cause your blood pressure to increase and many ways to decrease it and keep it that way. Your lifestyle will play a major role in this and even your race, age and family history.

You cannot change your race or age or history but you can still gain control of your blood pressure. African Americans are more prone to developing high blood pressure as are people over fifty-five.

You definitely cannot make yourself younger or change your color but that doesn't mean you cannot control your pressure.

Having a healthy diet will have a major effect on your high blood pressure symptoms. If you like eating salty foods this might be hard for you to change, but it's well worth it. Having high blood pressure can lead to heart and kidney disease as well as a stroke.

Your doctor will probably recommend a certain serving amount or intake amount of sodium for your diet. Also try to eat more vegetables and fresh fruit. These will make you feel a lot better while decreasing your blood pressure.

Are you very active physically? Physical inactivity can play a huge role in high blood pressure. If you do not exercise regularly - try to get in the habit. Thirty minutes a day is recommended but you can space the time out if needed. Do ten minutes here and there and before you know it, you've done thirty minutes of physical activity.

Do you smoke or drink? These will raise your blood pressure. Quitting either of these habits can be tough, but there are many helpful resources out there to help you. If you know you cannot quit right away, try limiting your consumption and use. Set a certain amount to smoke and drink a day.

To alleviate your high blood pressure symptoms, slowly lower the amount of smoke and drink, and before you know it you will be ready to quit. Doing small things - like not being around anyone that smokes or drinks - can help immensely. Also try replacing these habits with something different. If you get the urge to smoke or drink start doing something else you enjoy.

Do you have a stressful job or just a stressful lifestyle in general? Stress can increase your blood pressure. You want to find a way to de-stress and relax.

Is there a certain hobby that does this for you? You might also try some relaxation techniques such as meditating, etc. Do this as often as you need to to help keep the stress away.

If you are still concerned about your blood pressure talk with your doctor. That said, you need to take responsibility for your health and research all the natural therapies that are available. Keep in mind that pharmaceutical drugs may alleviate symptoms, but there is a price to pay - the side effects. And such drugs usually treat the symptoms rather than the cause. Sometimes medication works, but natural cures are better.

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High Blood Pressure Symptoms

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