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The Secrets of Youth

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Since the publication of a number of landmark studies on the youth formula, it has been shown that if the body's growth hormone releasing pattern is mimicked more closely, the effects of normalizing levels are more profound and side effects are minimized.

The natural secretagogue in the Youth Formula appears to offer the best opportunity for doing this in a natural and physiological way without interfering with the body's feedback loop.

Dr. Klatz, President of the American Academy of AntiAging Medicine (AW), noted in his book, Grow Young With HGH, that "some of the best HGH releasers were the amino acids.

These, in combination with a dietary program and exercise, can offer results which are very significant."

Youth Formula

The Youth Formula recommended here contains the right amino acids in the correct proportions to contribute to HGH release, formulated in a proprietary and specific way to ensure its maximum effect as a dietary supplement.

The Youth Formula is not a drug!

The Secrets of Youth

Some amino acids can be made in the body from basic building blocks, but others (nine out of the twenty needed for protein building) are called essential amino acids, as the body is unable to manufacture them and they have to be supplied in the food that we eat.

Arginine is an amino acid important in creatine synthesis. Claims for Arginine include an increase in fat-burning and muscle-building, as well as strengthening the thymus gland by increasing its weight and activity and thereby boosting immunity. There are also claims in the literature that Arginine alone will promote healing of burns and wounds as well as enhance male fertility.

Arginine, along with Lysine, was one of the amino acids demonstrated in the 1981 study to cause HGH release when combined in specific proportions. Other essential amino acids contained in the product we recommend are Isoleucine, Leucine, Lysine and Valine.

Lysine boosts the effectiveness of Arginine and is also said to affect growth as well as having immuneboosting properties of its own. Ornithine can be synthesized in the body and is now also known to help stimulate HGH release.

Glutamine can also be synthesized in the body but may not always be made by the body in sufficient quantities in times of stress. Dr. Klatz notes that the astrointestinal tract and the immune system "practically live on it", and that without sufficiently available levels, the gastrointestinal tract does not function as well, and nutrients are less well absorbed.

The other amino acids in the hgh Youth Formula contribute to the effects of the supplement and the amino acids listed above. This type of combination of amino acids is known as an amino acid stack. The patent pending formula offers the individual benefits of all of its amino acids and more. This formula is our effective means of increasing the body's natural production of HGH.

It is interesting to note that the body continues to make adequate amounts of HGH even into old age, at the same time the production of certain other hormones declines with age. Restoring HGH levels to those of youth levels meant finding products or supplements which would encourage the pituitary gland to release the HGH that it was already making. The combination has been shown to be able to do this: restoring those youthful levels for most of us without overstimulating our production or subjecting us to injections of the hormone itself.

The product we recommend works as the ultimate dietary supplement by assisting the body's ability to secrete HGH naturally in a manner which is safe and effective as well as being affordable.

Many individuals, when taking this dietary supplement, will notice an immediate effect with some of those improvements noted earlier. The scientific literature suggests that maximum effects occur over a three-to-si x- month time frame. It is suggested that when starting, it should be taken for a minimum of three months, preferably along with a dietary and exercise regime in order to ensure maximal benefits.

This HGH Youth Formula has been prepared in capsule form for maximum ease of use as well as availability and absorption. Taken on an empty stomach, this is easily achieved by taking it half an hour before or two hours after eating. This ensures that it is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream to derive maximum benefit.

Men should take this product in a single serving of 6 capsules at bedtime and women in two servings of three capsules twice daily, on an empty stomach, to most accurately reflect the natural release of HGH in both men and women.

Men release most of their HGH in a large spike about 90 minutes after failing asleep while in a deep sleep. Where as women tend to release HGH in smaller spikes over a 24hour period.

Much of this information will be new to individuals who are interested in anti-aging, a field which is just on the verge of exploding into the public domain.

Almost daily, articles appear in newspapers and magazines with regard to ways in which we may be able to slow down or even reverse the aging process. On December 14, 1998, a paper delivered at the American Society of Cell Biology Convention in San Francisco by Professor Lee Sweeney, the leader of a team of geneticists at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, showed that age-related muscle loss in mice could be reversed by inserting a fresh copy of a gene for IGF-1 into cells. One day this may be used to treat muscle-wasting diseases as well as preventing the weakness and shrinkage of muscles in old age.

This discovery was described by David Derbyshire in the British newspaper, "The Daily Mail" on Tuesday, December 15, 1998, as having the potential for "a magic bullet of youth."

hgh Youth Formula

Raising HGH levels increases IGF-1 levels. This can be achieved by the formula discussed here without the need for expensive injection therapy.

Fight "free radicals" and win!

HGH Youth Formula - The Secrets of Youth

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