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HGH. It's the hormone that can help you look and feel younger! The rich and famous have known about this for a long time, allowing themselves to be injected with very expensive synthetic human growth hormone. It's only been recently that an oral, vegetarian form of HGH releaser, with a price tag everyone can afford, has become available.

Why do we age?

Aging is the body's decline or inability to repair its 85 to 100 trillion cells. When cells do not repair, we age resulting in loss of energy, aches and pains, increased body fat, high blood pressure, hair loss, gray hair and the wrinkling of our skin to mention a few.

What does it do?

The pituitary gland located in the brain is the producer of our HGH. This is a protein molecule made up of 191 amino acids. It triggers the release of the IGF-1 molecule which is delivered throughout the body to effect cell repair. When we are young, our body produces a lot of it producing the opportunity to grow and develop. Until twenty yhears of age, we recovered fast from an illness and rarely ever lacked energy. But by the time we turn forty, our levels may have dropped by over 30 percent. And at sixty, these levels may have gone down yet another 35 percent. With age there is less IGF-1 available, so we simply cannot repair all the cells that need repairing.

How can we increase these levels?

There are several amino acids known to trigger the release. Only when combined in the correct amounts of the right salts, however, are they truly effective. This company through its meticulous science and research has captured these amino acids in their precisely formulated, all natural, vegetarian product of the highest purity. Taking 6 capsules of this product per day improves the body's natural release of human growth hormone, improving cell repair.

A carefully researched and patented natural product

A unique, encapsulated, vegetarian product… designed with you in mind to assist in supporting your cellular function. The carefully researched and blended combination of the highest quality specific amino acids is rapidly absorbed in order to maximize the opportunity for enhancing natural cellular rejuvenation.

To read about this subject in much more depth than can be included here, consult this excellent book:

Doctors' Secrets, The Road to Longevity

hgh helping you stay young

Staying Younger than Your Years

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