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A Guide to Herbs Can Help You Choose Wisely

Herb Guide Herbs are used for a wide variety of purposes today – from culinary to medicinal. Some people like to buy their herbs fresh from the local grocer or a natural food shop, while others prefer the DIY approach and grow their own at home.

No matter how you like your herbs, it can be difficult to know which plants to use and when to use them, so a guide is a source of valuable information.

Culinary Guide

Culinary herbs form a long list indeed, which is why a guide is helpful in determining which seasonings to use in different dishes.

Some herbs, like arugula and garden cress are primarily used for salads, while chamomile is best used for tea. Herbs like mint can be incorporated into a surprising number of dishes including meats, vegetables and soups. Cilantro is used often in southwestern recipes, and oregano if frequently the herb of choice in Italian fare.

Medicinal Guide

Herbs have been used for centuries for their medicinal value, but a comprehensive herb guide is necessary to help you know which plants will be most effective for a variety of ailments. You can grow herbs at home that will help you boost your immune system or fight off infection.

Some are good for energizing the body while others can be effective tension tamers. Medicinal herbs can also be taken in a variety of ways, from brewed teas to simple capsules. A good herb guide will help you to understand the best herbs to use for different problems and the most effective ways to take them.

Aromatherapy Guide

One way that herbs can be used for their healing effects is through aromatherapy. This alternative field of medicine has been used for many years as a way to treat and prevent a variety of illnesses, and achieve better physical, mental and emotional health.

A good aromatherapy guide can give you a listing of the most common herbs that are used in this area of holistic therapy, and the different ways that they can benefit you.

For example, some types of aromatherapy have a calming effect while others are good for energizing the spirit and the body.

Aromatherapy herbs can be enjoyed through essential oils that are put into baths, or used in diffusers. There are some aromatherapy herbs that should not be used while you are pregnant, which is another good reason to consult a guide book before testing out any of these plants or oils.

Herbs have served many purposes for centuries and continue to do so today. If you are interested in learning more about the culinary or healing benefits of herbs, consult a guide book for specific information.

Herb Guide

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