Grieg admired Ole Bull

Grieg admired Ole Bull

One of young Edvard Grieg’s admirations was for Ole Bull, the famous Norwegian violinist.

One day in summer, probably in 1858, when Edward was about fifteen, this "idol of his dreams" rode up to the Grieg home on horseback.

The family had lived for the past five years at the fine estate of Landaas, near Bergen.

The great violinist had just returned from America and was visiting his native town, for he too was born in Bergen. That summer he came often to the Griegs' and soon discovered the great desire of young Edward for a musical career.

He got the boy to improvise at the piano, and also to show him the little pieces he had already composed. There were consultations with father and mother, and then, finally, the violinist came to the boy, stroked his cheek and announced;

"You are to go to Leipsig and become a musician."

A comment on Grieg's compositions:

"From every point of view Grieg is one of the most original geniuses in the musical world of the present or past.

His songs are a mine of melody, surpassed in wealth only by Schubert, and that only because there are more of Schubert's.

In originality of harmony and modulation he has only six equals. Bach, Schubert, Chopin, Schumann, Wagner and Liszt.

In rhythmic invention and combination he is inexhaustible, and as orchestrator he ranks mong the most fascinating."

---------- HENRY T. FINCK

Grieg admired Ole Bull

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