Good Nutrition


Good Nutrition

In recent years we have seen overwhelming evidence that nutrition is essential for our health.

It is also becoming increasingly clear that many conditions can be prevented with proper selection of the foods we eat.

There has been an increase in cardiovascular conditions, diabetes and obesity. Examples of conditions that can be overcome, prevented or improved with the right nutrition.

What is nutrition? It is not the fast food we eat, the kind you pick up when you are in a hurry. Is it the orange juice you drink out of a plastic carton? Is the little pill that your doctor tells you to take to make you healthy? None of the above.

Healthy food dates back to the beginning of time. It was only after man started tampering with the natural foods by cooking, processing and creating genetically engineered foods that illness and disease became rampant.

Someone said that disease is not born, it is created. We force our bodies to break down unnatural substances that we are not designed to break down. It takes us out of equilibrium. The human body is a complex system, it must have equilibrium and balance to survive.

When herbicide, fungicide, insecticide and pesticides seep into our food supply, our bodies are exposed to an army of poisons. It is more important than ever to seek out natural organic foods that have not been altered by man, nor laced with foreign substances the body is at a loss to deal with.

Give your body sound nutrition, and it will reward you with vibrant health – reversing some of the damage that may already have been done to your health.

Good Nutrition

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