Goodbye gray hair - is it possible?

Goodbye gray hair

by Christian Drapeau, MSc

There is a very common statement that you have certainly heard more than once if you attend Stemtech meetings:

"Since taking StemEnhance, I have less gray hair."

I remember that the first time I heard someone say this, my reaction was immediate: "Stop talking nonsense! There is no need to make exaggerated statements. Just stick to reality and drop the hype!"

But then a friend of mine visited and pointed out how much younger he was looking with less gray hair on the side of his head. Soon it became clear that there was virtually not a single meeting where someone wouldn't come and share a similar experience... and then I saw it on myself!

How could that be?

Goodbye gray hair

I went on the web and researched the scientific literature, discovering that indeed stem cells from the bone marrow have the capacity to differentiate into melanocytes.

The only way something like this was possible was if stem cells from the bone marrow had the ability to migrate into the scalp and become melanocytes.

Melanocytes are the cells associated with the hair follicle that are responsible for producing melanin, the pigment which gives hair its color.

There are two types of melanin polymers; in combination, they determine overall hair color. Eumelanin is found in hair and skin, and colors hair gray, black, yellow, and brown. Pheomelanin imparts a pink-to-red hue and is, therefore, found in particularly large quantities in red hair. Recently studies had suggested that the death of these melanocytes was the underlying cause of hair graying.

I went on the web and researched the scientific literature, discovering that indeed stem cells from the bone marrow have the capacity to differentiate into melanocytes. As they migrate from the blood, stem cells occupy the bulge region of the hair follicle, from where they evolve into melanocyte stem cells that migrate into the hair matrix to fully differentiate into pigment producing melanocytes that transfer pigment to the hair.

Goodbye gray hair?

Could it be that increasing the number of circulating stem cells would lead to some of the migrating into the scalp and attaching themselves to the hair follicles, leading to repigmentation of the hair?

Aside from taking mineral supplement in cases of severe mineral deficiency nothing taken orally has ever been documented to have an effect on hair color. If we could show that more stem cells could restore hair color, what a symbol of rejuvenation this would be!

Goodbye gray hair - clinical trial

So we contracted with a lab of cosmetology and asked them to do a clinical trial. Six male volunteers exhibiting significant graying on both sides and the back of the head were selected. Each volunteer came to the lab at the beginning of the study for a series of high-tech photographs – photo-colometric assessments – that allowed the lab to quantify the density of white in the hair of the volunteers. Then the volunteers were provided enough StemEnhance® to take two capsules three times a day for a period of six months. During that time, the volunteers came to the lab once a month for a full re-assessment of their hair color. The volunteers were instructed not to change their hairstyle, grooming products or haircut schedule for the duration of the study.

Goodbye gray hair

The study provided us with results that exceeded our expectations. After six months, there was a clear reduction of the density of white in the hair. In other words, we saw a darkening of the hair in every volunteer, both in the back and on the sides of the head. On average, there was a 19% darkening of the hair. And, although it was not quantified, in a few cases it was also possible to see an increase in new hair growth.

Hair color has obviously nothing to do with health, and there is no relationship whatsoever between hair graying and health. Nevertheless, demonstrating that StemEnhance can reverse hair graying by supporting the release of stem cells from the bone marrow, is quite a demonstration of the rejuvenating power of StemEnhance. But this is not all… When asked how they felt, most of the volunteers stated that they felt really good while taking StemEnhance, though they could not say what caused this feeling (as it was a blind study). They reported a feeling of greater mental energy and greater mental clarity, benefits obviously attributed to StemEnhance's content in phenylethylamine (PFA), aka the molecule of love.

So whether we look at hair regpigmentation as a symbol of the rejuvenating power that StemEnhance can have in the body, or if we link it quite directly and specifically to the return of our original hair color, or if we simply want to feel great, there are so many reasons to take StemEnhance every day!

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