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Gold Investing for the average person

Did you think that because of your limited means you could never afford to own gold assets? Since paper currency is losing buying power at such an alarming rate, more and more ordinary people are becoming aware of the alternative – gold.

Gold’s strength remains steadfast. The Ancient Metal of Kings is the ultimate form of money and will always be a store of value.

And its fundamentals remain stellar! With global mined gold production continuing to fall in the face of rising demand, the quadruple we’ve seen in gold’s price since 2001 is likely not the end.

As one writer put it: “The US has quite simply hitched the entire world economy to its economic and financial locomotive in the finest example of the "prisoner's dilemma game" in economic history; i.e. you have growth but eventually on our terms. No one dared break ranks in this high stakes economic game and ditch the global currency, the US Dollar.” Gold Investing

Remember that no FIAT currency in history has ever stood the test of time. Most have never lasted even 50 years. The only real money is GOLD.

This is because man, for all his ingenuity and vast and rapidly increasing store of knowledge, has not added one iota to his wisdom.

Quite simply man, at the governmental level, is too venal a creature to be trusted with other people's money. The true gold standard, rigorous and inflexible, kept Kings and politically elected leaders relatively honest.

Even then, Kings and Princes hired alchemists in an attempt to transmute lead or other elements and substances into gold because they could never control their own finances.

Either it was their profligate conspicuous consumption, orgies of grandiose construction of ever more tasteless palaces, costly and often idiotic wars or creation of empires – one or more of these things conspired to cause their downfall.

Had they succeeded, the alchemists would have been the first architects of FIAT. However, the modern USA is the undisputed all time "King of FIAT".

Now the Economic Piper has to be paid for the potentially "Hyperinflationary Genie" the US has visited upon the world.

Historically, the "fat lady" (GOLD) sings when inflation is headed into double figures and accelerates with the possibility of hyperinflation.

In 1980, following the first major explosion of credit, post the end of the Bretton Woods Agreement, gold approached its "melting point" of US$ 850 per fine ounce, or, in today's CPI adjusted equivalent, US$ 2,700 per fine ounce.

Gold Investing

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