Global Information Network Opportunity
Membership and/or Affiliate Program

Global Information Network Opportunity

The affiliate program is a ground floor money making opportunity that allows you to partner with one of the world's newest global internet based organizations. Recommending people to become members in GIN is simple. Best of all - you can join our affiliate program absolutely free. If you are already a Global Information Network member, you do not need to sign up again with our affiliate program since when you become a member in GIN you are automatically enrolled in the GIN affiliate program. The GIN affiliate program is simple and unique.

* You earn $200 on all people that you refer to GIN who become members.

* You can refer people from any country in the world. You have a worldwide market.

* Every person you refer who becomes a member is automatically enrolled as an affiliate.

* You may also enroll new affiliates who do not become members.

This is important.

Global Information Network Opportunity

Every affiliate you enroll becomes "tagged" to you. YOU receive $200 for every new member your “tagged” affiliates enroll. The only requirement is that you must sign up at least 1 new member in the month to get paid on all the new members your “tagged” affiliates enrolled that month. With this SIMPLE system….you can see the AMAZING power this affiliate program has to generate consistent and large monthly income for you.

Please note that as an affiliate, you will be subject to the terms and conditions in the GIN Affiliate Agreement.

Key advantages of this program:

* earn $200 for every person you refer who becomes a new member in GIN

* earn $200 for every person your "tagged" affiliates refer who becomes members in GIN

* major incentive for EVERY affiliate to sign up at least 1 new member in GIN each month ensuring STRONG consistent and large monthly income to you

* all people you refer who become members in GIN automatically are enrolled as an affiliate and "tagged" to you

* you can enroll new affiliates who do not become members in GIN

* affiliates are not required to become members in GIN

* becoming an affiliate is free

How do I Join?

All you need is 5 minutes! Joining is absolutely free! The referral number is: 1502799.

To become a GIN affiliate, you must be referred to GIN by a GIN member or GIN affiliate in good standing.

If you are already a Network member, there is no extra registration, and no signup needed! You are already eligible to participate. Just use your Global Information Network Affiliate ID to log into this site and access your affiliate link and building tools. Every person you refer through your unique affiliate tracking link, or uses your name or email address, who becomes a member of GIN is money in your pocket.

If you have not yet discovered the Global Information Network Opportunity and have become involved, simply click here to join our internal in-house affiliate program. It only takes a few short minutes to apply*.

*You should receive your 'Welcome to Our Program' email within 12-24 hours. This email will contain your Affiliate ID # which will allow you to login and access the tools on this site.

What Do I Sell?

You are not “selling” anything. You are encouraging people to become a member in the Global Information Network Opportunity, the world's newest and most unique sovereign private and exclusive member only society.

You’ll need the referral number: 1502799

November 2010 special opportunity

Global Information Network Opportunity - Referral Number 1502799