Fresh Herb Keeper

Fresh Herb Keeper

Keep Your Herbs Fresher Longer

One of the challenges of fresh vegetables and herbs is keeping them fresh. Often they can go bad or lose much of their fresh taste as they sit in the refrigerator. There are many cultures like the Japanese that believe that freshness is the key to excellent cooking.

It is also true that freshness lends itself to subtler flavors in foods. One of the reasons keeping everything as fresh as possible is essential.

For herbs, there is the herb keeper. The herb keeper is designed to keep herbs fresher longer. Not everyone has the time or space to enjoy fresh herbs by growing them.

This is why fresh herbs are available for purchase in stores. Unfortunately, often these herbs do not last long and many times go bad before they can be used.

Not only is this a waste of money but also a waste of great herbs.

Fresh Herb Keeper: Ways of Keeping Herbs Fresh

Using a herb keeper is one way to keep the herbs you purchase at the store fresher longer. This holds true for the herbs that you harvest too.

An herb keeper works by providing an environment that the herbs can survive in for a longer period of time. It is far better than just leaving them in the supermarket bag or package.

This device is similar to the types of products that have recently appeared on the market that provide the ability to keep vegetables such as lettuce fresh for a significantly longer period of time than using the supermarket packages.

What is the benefit of having fresh herbs or keeping herbs fresh for longer periods? After all, the majority of individuals usually only purchase fresh herbs for a specific dish and do not use them for any other - usually tossing the rest.

The expectation is that the herbs will start to wilt and fade within a few days.

If, however, you are using something that will keep the herbs fresher longer then the likelihood of those herbs being used in other dishes increases dramatically.

For individuals opposed to waste or someone who may want to enjoy keeping an array of fresh herbs on hand without having to purchase them every few days from the store (an expensive undertaking) the herb keeper may be the perfect solution.

Fresh Herb Keeper

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