Fear of Aging - It doesn't have to be like that

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Fear of Aging: It Doesn't Have to be Like That!

The fear affects every individual at one point or another. Aging is change to your body and mind through the course of one person’s lifespan.

Most people have a negative perception of aging to the point of creating extreme anxiety. It devalues the quality of their lives. As one grows old fear of aging may mean the loss of beauty, good looks and mobility.

This transforms our physical reality. Dealing with it may take some fortitude. Society has a tendency to focus on this. Indeed, society helps to feed this anxiety toward aging.

As we age society seems to desire us less and less, contributing to the fear of aging. We no longer feel that we are considered useful in the labor force - in spite of cumulative experience and knowledge.

We are no longer considered attractive - we live in a youth culture. Many elderly are hidden from society by being put into homes so the rest of the population does not have to be reminded that there is such a thing as old age.

Making the Process More Enjoyable

Consequently we feel somewhat powerless in this undesirable process. The fashion, cosmetic and plastic surgery industries are having a field day over our anxieties and fear of aging. In fact, they feed our fears. After all, it is in their economic interest to fan the flames of fear so we will buy what they have to offer. In the vain belief that we will somehow avoid the inevitable.

There is more than one way to look at aging. According to Buddha, to avoid suffering and pain we must detach from our physical reality and perceive it as a temporary illusion.

By doing so we release ourselves from fear and suffering. We decide to live in the moment and be grateful for good or bad including the decline of the body.

Our preoccupation with the loss of youth may prevent us from welcoming the changes and mystery the journey ahead presents.

It is possible to make a radical shift and embrace the gifts of aging. There are ways of dealing with it creating a positive, wonderful learning experience.

As we grow older it is important we cultivate our relationships even more. We need to keep in contact with someone close through thick and thin. Relationships will be based on deeper factors than outward appearance.

Become aware of your spirit and develop spirituality through prayer, meditation, or Yoga. Meditation is beneficial in tapping into the sense of our innate divinity.

Make a difference in your world by following the admonition: "do something nice for somebody else". It is amazing how good that will make you feel. All over the world, love and help is needed and by helping others, we can tap the power within and let our true worth shine through.

Fear of Aging