Curtains Drapes Can Rescue Your Room


Curtains Drapes

No matter what you think of drapes, in the right context they can add class to any interior. As with all things, it must be done with taste to have the desired stunning effect.

Given the right treatment curtains drapes can enhance the appearance of any room. Drapes are usually chosen to complement the rest of the décor, so it is important to know what else is in the room before deciding on a design.

Coming with coordinating top treatments, drapes are chosen to complete the special look in your long windows, bay windows and sliding glass doors. Beautiful drapes are available from specialized stores or on the internet in just about every imaginable variety. In solid colors, print fabrics, insulated or non-insulated.

Drapes are similar to curtains in many ways but one of the distinct differences is that drapes are heavier in weight. They are usually made of thick fabrics giving a luxurious look that can be adapted to different uses depending on the purpose of the room.

It may be true that drapes are something that grandma had. Conventional wisdom has lately opined that drapes are nasty, dust-catching, pinch-pleated fabrics that shut out light, air, and any sense of style. That is strictly opinion, elegant drapes are not to be deterred by attitudes that thrive on negative stereotype views.

Drapes are wonderful because they can change the entire look of your room instantly. They can also be made without lining so that they look more like regular curtains. When you stop to think about it, they are low maintenance household items.

Curtains sewn flat or with no fullness, drops, and scrims typically have a pocket built in the hem for a pipe. Curtains can also shirr on a rod, and hang the full length of the window or only half, as in the case of cafe curtains. Shirred curtains can’t be opened, but you can use tiebacks to provide more light on the lower half of the window.

Window shades can cover up your window to make your room darker. Or window shades can cover up your windows so that harmful light is not let in to your room to make fabrics and other items fade. Another benefit in colder climates is that drapes can provide insulation and warmth when drawn across windows.

Window decorating defines your home decor as much as the furniture you choose. Windows establish the way you gaze out at the world around you, and create a sense of how you experience the room inside.

Curtains Drapes