Cooking Pasta


Cooking Pasta the easy and versatile way

Pasta is one of the world’s favorite dishes. There are many reasons for this, but one of the major ones is that there are so many options. There are so many different varieties of pasta and pasta cooking recipes that everyone will be able to find at least one that they enjoy.

Simple Tips to Remember

There are many helpful tips and techniques that can be used in pasta cooking, and one is to simply salt the water. Most of us have heard about this before but many do not realize the importance of it. Salting the water not only helps to bring out the natural flavor of the pasta but also keeps the pasta from sticking to the pot.

Pasta should be prepared just before it is served, and remember that the temperature of the water is not going to affect the end result of the pasta. Using hot tap water to fill the pot you are going to boil the pasta in will help to bring it to a boil faster however, and so this will be useful if you are in a rush.

Another tip to pasta cooking is to avoid using oil in the water. Although some people think that this helps by adding flavor to the water, this is actually only partially true. It may end up making the pasta so slippery that the sauce slides right off of it when it is being served.

It is important to follow the cooking times on the package, because the cooking time will vary depending on the type of pasta that you are using. Draining the pasta immediately after it is done cooking is also going to be very important. The pasta should remain a bit moist but not dripping wet. Saving a couple of tablespoons of this water while you are straining it out may be helpful as well because this can then be added to the sauce if it needs to be diluted.

You can get your pasta to come out perfect each and every time as long as you take your time and follow the proper steps. Many people think that pasta is one of the easiest foods to cook but this is actually not true at all. Cooking pasta requires skill and it often takes quite some time for a person to be able to perfect this skill.

Cooking Pasta