Cooking Light


Find 3 Simple Ways to Start Cooking Light

It is one of the biggest trends today especially when new years resolutions are still fresh or a wedding or special occasion is on the horizon. Unfortunately, the associations people have with cooking light are bland, tasteless and horrible food.

This need not be true at all. You can try any of your family's favorite recipes and make it a healthier alternative by just substituting a few things and having an open mind.

Low Fat Alternatives

Many staples are now easily available in low fat versions. From reduced fat Oreo cookies and cheddar cheese to milk and bread, you have many light choices in several food groups. You can make your kids' favorite mac n cheese and use skim milk instead of whole milk and use vegetable spread which has no trans fat as opposed to regular butter and you have already saved your family a lot of calories.

When you opt for low fat mayonnaise or even zero fat alternatives like fat free ranch dressing and Miracle Whip as condiments for your dips and sandwiches - give it some thought. Sometimes what is substituted for fat may be more harmful than the fat itself. Always read the list of ingredients.

Tuna packed in water instead of oil is recommended, and you can see that by making small changes, you are saving calories left, right and center. And remember, just as calories add up, they also count when you are reducing calories in your food.

Whole Grains

Whenever you have a choice, choose 100% whole grain as the first ingredient in the bread, muffins, rolls, and other such goods like pasta and rice you choose.

Do not be fooled by bread that just looks brown; if it has enriched bleach flour as one of the main ingredients, then it is definitely not whole grain. Whole grain breads will not just be higher in fiber and lower in fat, they are also healthier for your heart and are proven to help protect against some diseases too. How's that for cooking light?


Switch the oil you use when you begin to cook light. Even if olive oil is more expensive, try using a little of it and use another alternative - organic coconut oil. Some recent books about alternative health have recommended a table spoon or two of coconut oil per day for someone wishing to find an effortless way to slim their waistline.


If you are enthusiastic about baking, try using an organic nectar (found in health food stores) as a sweetener - it is far healthier than refined sugar.

Cooking Light