Commercial Outdoor Furniture


Commercial Outdoor Furniture
Taking Abuse From a Variety of Users

There are some differences between commercial furniture and residential furniture that involve more than the price.

Most commercial-grade products may be more expensive, but they are also designed to withstand the tough environment in which they are placed. Different people will treat the outdoor furniture in different ways and for the most part commercial furniture must be able to take a lot of abuse by uncaring individuals.

When furniture is bought for the home, there is a certain level of respect for its use and care not found in a commercial setting.

Public swimming pools, restaurants and even some companies have a need for commercial outdoor furniture for their customers and guests.

Since no two people are going to treat the furniture the same, having them made of stronger materials as well as stronger joints and welds can allow them to last considerably longer.

Residential grade merchandise is designed for use by one family while commercial outdoor furniture is designed for many different people and their styles of abuse.

Also, consider the amount of use given to commercial furniture when compared to that in a private home. In the home, a chair for instance may be used for about 10 to 12 hours every week. In a commercial setting, the same chair may be used 10 to 12 hours every day, shortening its life. Standing up to the additional hours of use as well as how it is used must be considered when evaluating the quality of the commercial furniture.

Some Homeowners Prefer The Stronger Commercial Quality

While most commercial furniture is designed for use in public facilities, some individual homeowners also prefer the strength and durability that it is known to deliver. In most instances the residential quality furniture will last about five years, depending on the manufacturer, materials used and the respect afforded by the family.

Even if the price of commercial furniture is double that of the residential variety, the life expectancy can be four times as long with an added bonus of a higher resale value.

Repairs are also more common to commercial furniture as many of the cheaper residential quality items are just as cheap to replace as they are to repair. It may also be more difficult to find someone willing to repair many of the cheaper quality sets as the parts alone can often come close to the price of replacements.

Variety in colors and designs may be somewhat limited, but the quality and life expectancy for commercial furniture more than makes up for it.

Commercial Outdoor Furniture