Chia Herb Garden


Why Choose a Chia Herb Garden?

A lot of people buy their herbs from the supermarket. They either buy growing versions that they can cut and use as necessary, or buy them already freeze dried in containers that they can keep in their cupboard. Both methods have their advantages, but nothing beats actually growing them yourself at home. Unfortunately, a lot of people find it hard to grow their own herbs, which is why buying the herb garden shown here can be the best solution all round.

What Exactly Is A Chia Herb Garden?

It makes easy work of growing your herbs indoors, and it’s ideal if you want to start growing them for the first time and want to get great results right from the word go.

What makes it so irresistible is that it is completely user friendly. Each kit comes with all the components needed to create your own indoor range of herbs. You will soon have a wide range of herbs growing in your very own kitchen, with the whole process made as easy as possible, since you don’t need to add anything except water!

The indoor herb garden is also packaged very attractively, which makes it an ideal and unusual gift for anyone who enjoys cooking and has a spare windowsill in their kitchen to accommodate one of these.

What Do You Get With Such A Garden?

Such an herb garden comes with a selection of terracotta pots and saucers; this means you can put the herbs in various places in your kitchen instead of grouping them all together if you wish.

Most herbs flourish to their best when placed in a warm sunny spot, but it’s still easier to place them at various spots along your windowsill than having to find the room to put a long trough or saucer in one particular spot.

Perhaps the best part of this type of herb garden is that it comes with a growing compound that makes the whole growing process a lot easier. These kits come with a growing sponge which does away with the need for using compost of any kind. As such they can also make an ideal first growing kit for children who are interested in growing herbs.

Chia Herb Garden