Change Name After Marriage


Pros and Cons to Change Name After Marriage

There are a lot of reasons for women to change their last name when they get married. First of all, the reason that comes to mind for most people is that changing the last name after marriage is a tradition and is something that is just simply done without thinking twice.

It is something that a lot of women just do without any thought to whether there are true benefits to changing the last name after marriage or if there are reasons not to do it. As with anything else in life, changing a name after marriage is something that should be done with a lot of thought ahead of time.

Besides tradition, there is the thought that when they have children, they want the children to have the father's last name and they would like all last names to match to signify family and to avoid confusion.

Also, it makes it so much easier to customize engraved towels and silverware for the household. Even though that sounds silly, if you think about it, little things like that would make someone want to go through changing their last name after marriage.

The Cons

With the ways things are today, the traditional family does not look like it did fifty or sixty years ago. A lot of single parent families are coming together through marriage and this could be a reason why a mother and wife would not want to go through changing their name after marriage.

If they were not married when they had their first children and her children have her maiden name, there could be a lot of confusion and hurt feelings by changing her name after marriage.

This could make children feel left out it they are not having their name changed as well.

Also, there are reasons of professionalism as well when it comes to thinking about whether or not to change name after marriage. For those in the spotlight of the media whether it is through the big screen or on the television, changing their name after marriage can be something that is not all that desired.

If a million people know and recognize a certain person by their name, changing their name after marriage could be a problem.

And then, if the marriage ends in a divorce, they would have to change their name again. Not an attractive prospect.

Change Name After Marriage