Cedar Outdoor Furniture


Cedar Outdoor Furniture - The Characteristics

When spring is in the air, you naturally think of what would make the area around your house look its most attractive and comfortable. Cedar wood in outdoor furniture is a classic. This type of hardwood is well known for its remarkable characteristics as well as its beautiful tone and grain.

Homeowners pick cedar based not only on the looks but with the certain knowledge that they have made a good choice of enduring value.

Benefits Of This Type of Outdoor Furniture

Cedar wood is durable. With proper care it can lasts for many years. It is well known for its beautiful grain and color. Cedar furniture and other cedar products emit a smell that is attractive and particular to this hardwood. The aromatic smell creates a soothing atmosphere great for the outdoors.

Cedar is resistant to splitting and cracking as long as it is kiln dried properly. Avoid buying cedar wood with knots or cracks because these may eventually be the source of decay or rot.

The smell that cedar and all cedar wood products emit acts as a natural insect repellent. This is a great benefit for those who love to stay outside to enjoy the cool breeze and the night air. So you have great smelling furniture that actually repels insects.

These natural oils may also act as a water repellent, although the oils should not be subjected to heavy water exposure.

This type of furniture can withstand some exposure to the elements but keep in mind that prolonged exposure is not recommended.

It can stand the sun pretty well although some fading of the natural colors is to be expected.

Rain exposure needs to be kept to a minimum since cedar may not be as water resistant as we might wish. It is best to stay in the safe side and cover up when there is moderate to heavy rain.

Exposure to snow is negated and it is best to keep the cedar outdoor furniture in the garage or the porch during the winter months.

Caring For Your Cedar Outdoor Furniture

Using outdoor furniture covers best maintains the beauty and elegance of the cedar when not in use. These covers should not be used for long periods because it could encourage mold and mildew growth.

After prolonged storage of your outdoor furniture, you may need to do a little sanding. The wood in its natural state benefits from sanding to eliminate rough spots or splinters.

Cedar Outdoor Furniture