Bonsai Trees

Bonsai Trees

The Importance of Shaping

The shape of such trees is one of its most important characteristics. Bonsai is an art form as well as a gardening hobby and should be treated as such. They can be shaped into almost any shape you desire, but there are many different shapes that are common to the art of bonsai. Even though the are typical shapes, you may discover a new shape that you like better than any of the typical shapes common to growing these miniature trees.

Formal Upright And Informal Upright

The formal upright and informal upright styles are the most common to growing bonsai trees. The style is characterized by the straight and upright growth of the tree. The trunk is tapered and for the informal style, the trunk incorporates its notorious bend and curves in order to differentiate from the formal style.

Slant Style

The slant style begins like the formal upright style with straight trunks, but the trunk leans at an angle to the left or right of the root base.

Cascade Style

Cascade style is one of the more beautiful shapes that bonsai can be shaped in. The cascade style originates from trees that grow over water or on mountains. The tree top will cascade to one side and can grow to the base of the pot or just below it.

Literati Style

The literati style of shaping is perhaps the most common shape people think of when thinking of bonsai trees. This particular shape has a bare trunk line with very few branches. The branches are all on the top part of the tree and the bare part of the trunk is more commonly twisted.

Forest Style

If you really want to work at becoming an expert, you can try the forest style (or group style) or shaping. This consists of planting more than one tree together in a single pot. The trees are of different heights and give the image of visual depth. Most of the time forest style consists of three or more trees. It is typical to have an odd number of trees, and never four trees because of the significance of the number four in Japan.

Whatever style you choose to trim your trees, know that it is an art form and you will have a chance to show creative license. Begin with a common shape, and then add your own special touches to make your own trees truly special to you.

Bonsai Trees