At Risk For Diabetes

Are You At Risk For Diabetes?

If there is a family history of diabetes, you may be at risk for developing diabetes yourself. Some easy tips to help you stay healthy will reduce your chances of developing this widespread condition.

Getting exercise for a few minutes every day is key. An aerobic workout for thirty minutes is ideal. It will keep you in shape and you can target a special area to work on. There are a variety of exercises you can do: walking, swimming, running, step aerobics, and team sports. Choose something you enjoy and arrange your schedule so you have time to exercise daily. Workouts should be adapted to your current condition. Do not exhaust yourself with a workout if you are in less than adequate shape.

When you build muscle you have more space to store glucose and exercising can regulate the glucose level in your blood by using it for energy. If you have already been diagnosed, lifting weight can help you avoid further deterioration. Lifting weights is not as simple as it looks. Look for a complete training program to work on specific areas of your body. Begin with short and simple workouts, especially if you are out of shape. Allow your muscles time to heal and increase frequency and amount of time you work out as you are developing better shape.

A fiber-rich diet can help prevent a number of medical conditions, including diabetes. Fiber is found in fruits, vegetables and cereal, and if necessary you can add a supplement to make sure you get enough fiber. The digestion process is aided by fiber and fiber gives you energy. If you maintain a diet rich in fiber you should be able to keep your weight under control and stay healthy.

Eating whole grains can help keep your insulin levels down, and it is a good way to prevent diabetes and obesity. Whole grains can be found in alternatives to bakery products. Whole grain products have a brown color and are often advertised as rich in whole grains. White bread should be avoided for whole wheat bread, choose breakfast cereal rich in whole grains and cook your pasta with whole grain noodles. If you make these changes it will be healthy for the whole family.

At Risk For Diabetes

It is important to keep your weight under control. Weigh yourself regularly, and take action to achieve the desired weight. There are common sense things you can do to avoid gaining weight: stay active, eat a healthy diet, stop snacking and avoid overeating. If your personal efforts are not enough, get in touch with a nutritionist or a personal trainer. An efficient way to prevent diabetes is keeping a healthy weight.

Observe these simple habits and encourage your family to make the changes with you. It is the best way to prevent diabetes and other medical complications.

At Risk For Diabetes

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