Artists painting Norway

Artists painting Norway

One of the most improbably painters came from the extreme north of Norway.

The wild plains of Finnmark

The plains of Finnmark is the province of the sami, and reindeer husbandry has always been the one major source of livelihood in the area.

That is still true, and perhaps to a greater degree than before, because it involves more money today.

The Sami has to a large extent held on to their own culture and their own language – both with completely different roots than the rest of Norway.

The Finnmark plains are immense but not at an especially high elevation. Vast areas consist of low birch woodlands.

This is where the sami and their reindeer herds are at home.

It is in winter a snowy landscape with a big sky and spectacular displays of the Northern Lights.

Harald Sohlberg: Winter Night in the Mountains<====>John Andreas Savio: Lasso

Hans Dahl is among the better known artists painting Norway.

He was born in the village of Granvin, on the Hardangerfjord, in the county of Hordaland, Norway.

His talent was evident early when he was 16 years old. But it was only after service in the Swedish army that Dahl received artistic education.

Hans Dahl was educated first to become an officer. He served in the Bergenske Brigade until 1874.

After leaving the army, he apprenticed with Johan Fredrik Eckersberg and Knud Bergslien.

In Karlsruhe he studied under Hans Fredrik Gude and Wilhelm Riefstahl.

He came into his own when he ventured on to Düsseldorf, where his teachers included Eduard von Gebhardt and Wilhelm Sohn.

His art became associated with the Düsseldorf school of painting, which was characterized by finely detailed yet still fanciful landscapes.

He was prolific in terms of the number of landscape paintings from his native fjords.

He captured the stunning beauty of the Norwegian fjord country and the people that lived there.

Amaldus Nielsen

From the painters in the extreme north and in the fjords we move now to the painter born in the extreme south of Norway - Amaldus Nielsen.

He was born in the town of Mandal, and he specialized in painting the smiling coastalline of "Sorlandet". This southern coast comes alive with great numbers of boating vacationers each summer. It is often referred to as the Norwegian Riviera.

Amaldus Nielsen

Artists Painting Norway

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