Arthritis Statistics and Therapy

The Different Forms of Arthritis Statistics and Therapy

Rheumatoid arthritis treatment comes in many ways. Aside from the medications and the surgeries for arthritis, there are several other therapies which help a lot in the cure of arthritis. To name a few are: hydrotherapy, massage therapy, paraffin dip, and a number of exercises. With the use of these treatments, a patient will be relieved not only of the pain but the inflammation of the joints as well. If these are done continuously, the ill person will be able to go back to his normal way of living again.

Arthritis Statistics and Therapy: The Use of Water

The use of water as an arthritis therapy is proven to be very beneficial for arthritic patients. The most recommended form of water arthritis therapy is a soak bath in a warm tub. This relieves the patient's whole body because the normal circulation of blood goes back to its original cycle. Those areas with poor circulation are being bathed again by blood because the vessels are able to dilate with the use of warm water. It is vital to remember to check the temperature first before submerging on the tub because burns are noted to be the major complication of this therapy.

Another good water arthritis therapy would be swimming. Since you will be able to do range of motion exercises on the water, it would surely benefit your bones and joints. Exercise in the water is a lot safer because the water itself provides for cushion. The doctor or therapist would recommend the duration and frequency of the water therapy that you prefer.

Arthritis Therapy: Massage

Another great way to relieve yourself from the pains of arthritis would be a massage therapy. However, massage should only be done during the time that the inflammation has subsided. Massage performed during the acute stage of arthritis attack would be detrimental to the patient's condition. Remember, if the disease is present, immobilization is the best intervention for the patient. But if the disease goes back in remission, massage as an arthritis therapy would work well on keeping the arthritis in its remission stage.

Arthritis Therapy: Paraffin Treatment

Paraffin treatment as an arthritis therapy is also a proven way to help eliminate the symptoms of arthritis. It has the same principle as a warm water bath. It returns the normal circulation in your system which helps return the homeostatic condition of your body. In a paraffin treatment, blood is delivered to areas where your body needs it. In the case of arthritis, it delivers circulation to the joints which were previously inflamed.

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