Amaldus Nielsen

Amaldus Nielsen - landscape painter of the Norwegian coast

He grew up in the little picturesque town of Mandal at the very southern tip of Norway, a town with rich traditions from the age of the sailing ships. It is a town with narrow winding streets between wooden buildings painted white, as picturesque as you please.

The harbor, Kleven, shown in the picture on top of this page, was painted by the artist - but he seemed not to have signed the painting.

The harbor had been important in earlier times, but even today you would recognize Kleven from this picture.

Some of the houses at the water's edge are still there today. One is protected as a landmark and can not be changed in any way.

In recent years there have been furious construction activities going on in Mandal, but the center of town still retains the charm of the small houses painted white - in the characteristic style making this part of Norway instantly recognizable.

The painter grew up in just such a house, and one of his paintings captures the house where he lived, showing it with a window open on the top floor.

It is a summer town, a place where vacationers love to come and spend some time at Norway's best beach "Sjosanden" a short walk from the center of town.

Located at the mouth of the Mandal river, small ships and sailing vessels can pull right up to the main part of town "Store Elvegate". It is also a town of fishermen, professional commercial fishermen with their own boats springing from family traditions of independent work making a living from the sea.

Mandal has produced an amazing group of famous artists, among them Adolph Tiedemand, Gustav Vigeland, Olaf Isachsen and yes, the artist discussed on this page.

Nielsen's most famous painting "Morning in New Hellesund" now hangs in Norway's National Gallery in Oslo.

Amaldus Nielsen

The artist has been singled out for praise in his ability to capture the appearance of clouds. The above painting is a good example.

"Aften ved kysten" or "Evening on the Coast"

Fjordparti - Amaldus Nielsen

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