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Aging Studies: Understanding How Our Bodies Age

It has been shown that our bodies undergo several changes as we grow older. Our muscle strength and flexibility tend to diminish. The decline on our muscles can have some serious effects in our lives. Sooner or later, we may find ourselves struggling to go through the simple daily routines like taking a shower, walking and climbing stairs.

This situation can be very distressing. Is there really nothing much we can do about it? Especially when we already reach the age of 90 or older? Today there are more and more individuals reaching the age of 90 or older, and some are still living independently. Quite an achievement.

Research into whole food nutrition has contributed to the knowledge of what our bodies need to stay vital with the advancing years.

Some say there is nothing you can do to minimize the effects of aging, but there are those who would tell you otherwise. Consider the book by Kevin Trudeau: "Natural Cures they don't want you to know about" - a New York Times Bestseller - controversial to some, but full of interesting information to others.

Reading it won't hurt you, but it might add vibrant years to your life!

What to Expect as You Grow Old

If you have been reading the results of aging studies, you will notice that your body will go through a lot of degeneration over time. For one thing, our metabolism slows down as we age. This explains why it is more difficult for us to keep off that unwanted weight. A lot of people who have always been slim and fit while they were younger find themselves gaining bulk especially around the middle.

Fortunately, there are ways to increase our metabolism even as we age. Aging studies show that our bodies still respond to stimulants like exercise and physical activities even we reach retirement age. This means that if you want to kick up your metabolic process a few notch higher, all you need to do is exercise.

The good thing about doing some exercises is that it does not just increase your metabolic rate, it also help tone your muscles.

Another change that aging studies notice in our bodies as we age is the loss of bone density. According to many aging studies, older people have more brittle bones compared to their younger counterparts. The loss of bone mass actually begins at age 30 for most people. The process is slow and not many of us will notice this.

To combat boneless and prevent osteoporosis, we should make sure we obtain the essential minerals we need either through careful choices in food or by whole food supplements. Consider what Dr. Perricone has said about the world's number one superfood, the acai berry from the Amazon Rainforest.

Secrets of the Amazon Rainforest

Acai is now available in the US, either at your local health food store or on the internet.

Milk may contain some calcium, but it is hardly enough to supply all the needed minerals. The calcium in milk may help strengthen your bones and prevent osteoporosis, but plant based liquid minerals may do more because they contain not just one mineral like calcium, but all the other essential minerals needed to support your long range health. Taking supplements is important - here again - all supplements are not created equal. Educate yourself and find out what independent laboratories have to say about their content.

To prevent stiffness, we should continue to lead active lives as much as possible. People who engage in physical activities are more likely to remain mobile and flexible longer. Leading a sedentary life is not an option that will bring you the quality of life you deserve. Simple activities like walking and swimming can do so much to keep your body healthy and strong as you age.

Aging Studies

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